Friday, October 8, 2010

Updates, Explanations,and Opinions (please!)

As most of you have noticed, I've been mostly absent in the blogging community. School is taking over most of my free time. But thankfully I have a five day weekend (Fall break) so I'm going to catch up on everything! Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with it. Life without blogging just doesn't feel right. I've still been reading though! My latest favorite was Tell Me a Secret which I absolutely loved! Ok so here comes the part where I really need some help. For my school newspaper I've landing a permanent spot for a book review. The newspaper comes out about every monthish. For the last issue (August-September) I reviewed Mockingjay since it had so much hype. My problem is coming up with a book to review for this month. It can be any book, preferably newly released, that has a lot of hype. It's going to be read by the whole high school, so maybe a book that would be read by a diverse audience. Any ideas are welcome! Thank you so much in advance! 

PS. It feels so amazing to post again :)
PSS I love you all! Thanks a million to everyone who hasn't unfollowed!


Misha1989 said...

I hope you get back to blogging soon! I know school work takes up so much time - its the same with my college work.
I am a new follower. Have a great weekend!

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I joined you from the blog hop. I didn't see a post for it so I thought I'd let you know here. I liked your review of Fixing Deliliah. It's on my TBR list.

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Tez said...

Yay! I look forward to reading more of your awesome reviews again.

Well, if you enjoyed Tell Me A Secret, then reviewing that might be a good idea. It hasn't been out that long, and most of the reviews I've read have given it lots of praise. Plus, those who haven't heard of it will be discovering something good :D

Pris said...

Hopping over from the blog hop! I am a tea of coffee drinker... anything hot! I'm a new follower. Check out my blog and follow back if you want!

BrittLit said...

I agree with Tez about Tell Me a Secret. It might be a good idea to recommend books you really like, because it will make people want to read it.

Bere said...

Hey Sara! I'm so glad your back! I really missed your fabulous posts and reviews. I figured school was occupying your time. Glad to hear school is going great for you. I'm looking forward to your posts and reviews. Have a fantastic weekend, Sara! =)

angelatarantula said...

Hey there!!(: I'm a old follower from the hop. School is keeping me away from blogging too! You are so lucky to have a fall break, my school doesn't have one until Christmas vacation.
I would appreciate it if you stopped by my blog!
Angela Z

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