Saturday, April 24, 2010

Heartless by Sara Shepard

Book review #32
Heartless by Sara Shepard 
Rating: Five stars (refer to the rating system on the right)

Summary: (taken from Goodreads)
The newest installment in Sara Shepard’s bestselling Pretty Little Liars series is packed with juicy drama and delicious surprises that will keep readers guessing to the very end.

Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Spencer have been telling some outrageous tales; only, the proof always seems to go missing. The friends insist they’re telling the truth, but all of Rosewood thinks they’re just out for attention—and nobody likes a girl who cries wolf. So when the big bad killer comes after them, will anyone believe the girls. . . or will they be the next to disappear?

Heartless was intense, thrilling, and just a perfect addition to the Pretty Little Liars series. Once again I was blown away! You would think being the 7th book in the series, that is would start to get old. Well that definitely isn't the case, it's back and better than ever. Having reading this book on the plane I did get a couple of stares due my reactions. I can't count how many times I said "oh my god!".

Everyone has something going on. All the main characters have their own take on what happened to Ali. Hanna is sent to a mental institution due to A of course. She meets a girl who she automatically clicks with, but there's more than meets to the eye. Iris sure is trouble, and Hanna thinks she may be connected to Ali's story. A sends Emily to live with an Amish family for a couple of days, where she learns some important things. She thinks she might have a lead in the mystery. Ali has her own things going on. Together with Noel she thinks she can contact the spirits and talk to Ali. Then lastly, there's Spencer who learns some disturbing news about her family which was of course sparked by A.On top of all that, the town has officially nicknamed the group Pretty Little Liars, due to the claim the girls made about seeing Ali in the forest after the fire.

The plot really is simply amazing. It has you twisting and turning at every corner. Important things are finally revealed, but knowing this series, you never know what to believe.I became really attached to each character. I feel like I've known them for years now. It's going to be really sad when the series finally ends.

The Pretty Little Liars is officially one of my  favorite series. Mystery, romance, suspense, and that fluff that I love to top it all of, it has it all. I'm dying for the next book to come out. AND it's going to be an ABC Family television show, which makes me extremely excited! If you haven't read this series, I strongly recommend you should. I can't wait to see what happens next.


iluvhersheys_andbooks said...

I actually stopped reading this series after the second book, but it sounds like it gets better as the series goes on. I'll try to give it another chance!!! Great Review!!!

Here from the Saturday Network!!!

Jami said...

I have yet to read this series, but I love the sound of it. Great review Sara!

Jan von Harz said...

Haven't read this series, but then I tend to stay away from the girl drama books because I get so much of that from my students. Glad you love it though and I certainly enjoyed reading about the book in your review.

Petula said...

I can't recall where, but I read a synopsis of this book somewhere and I think it sounds good. Fab review.

Emidy said...

Glad you like this! I don't think I've read it yet... I find it so hard to keep track of the books I've read in this series because they all mesh so well together. I've got to get this!

Emily said...

My friends always talk about this series, but I've never gotten around to reading it.

I will definitely have to check it out now!