Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hey there!

I'm going to start out by telling you a little bit about this blog. I love love to read and to get lost into the world of books. I've been reading like crazy since I was a little kid. I like to read almost all kind of books, but most of the books I read are going to range into young adult fiction. For each book I review, I will include what group the book will generally appeal to. I decided to share my reviews and thoughts on every book I read starting with the new year of 2010. I recently joined the site Goodreads and have been reviewing the books I've read for the past couple of weeks, so I'm going to start off the blog with the books I've already reviewed. I finish a book every few days, so I'll be posting reviews regularly. I greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions. I love discovering new books to read so feel free to recommend books you would like me to read and review. I'm very excited to get started on this journey!


Jenn said...

Great blog! I love it!

Sara said...

Thanks! :)

Snorkle said...

Hey! Nice blog! I'm flattered that you were inspired by my blog. I love your background by the way. I have a goodreads account as well - we should be friends!
I'm working on updating my blog and posting some more reviews because I'm kind of behind.
Keep up the good work!

Sara said...

Thank you so much! Goodreads is actually where I found your blog, I think it was on a review for Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. I went ahead and added a Snorkle on goodreads, haha I hope it's you!

Arif Nindito said...

Assalamualaikum. Well, i read your discussion post on Shelfari and just wanna come visit your blog. It is a nice book review blog, i have to say. Good content and pleasing layout, as well. Keep writing ;)